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Different World Dungeon Life Chapter: 24


I passed the plate to Karen and again looked at Karen.
Kuon's clothes are little short for her and her navel is visible.
With no weapons in hand, she cannot defeat even a goblin as it is...

"Well then, before we go out to the forest, we should buy some weapons and armor."

"That's right, my clothes length is not enough for for her as it is."

"Money is okay, we have reward money for hunting the general yesterday and it will be enough. Ellis, please guide us."


"Eh? I am OK like this!"

"No, it is dangerous without proper equipment, I also nearly died before..."

"Even Kyosuke-san, are you?"

"Even I am not strong from the beginning, maybe it is painful for Karen but you must do your best and defeat monsters to become stronger."

"I understand!"

"Well then, I will show you the way, please follow me."

With Ellis as a guide, we went towards a location a little off the main street in the town. It is a small weapon shop, it looks too tattered will it be safe?... Ellis first opens the door and enters inside, we followed behind and went inside.


"Oh, welcome."

"Long time no see."

"Chit, Ellis-ka? ..."

"Long time no see, Godi-san."

"Iris, long time no see, what's wrong with Taku?"


"I see, it will be lonely even when such a guy is gone... So then what are these guys?"

"They are the ones who saved me and Ellis, Kyosuke-san and Kuon-san."

"Hmm, they have good eyes, let me see your weapons a little."

Abruptly talked towards me and I handed over my sword. Looking at my sword Godi-san's eyes became steep.
Quietly put the sword back into the sheath.

"Your sword is crying..."

"My sword?"

"You have not learned how to handle the sword, are not you?"


"Your sword has a strange power hanging way, I do not know at first glance but there is a distortion was made on it."


"Not just real warfare, you also need to do a bit more training."


"Oops my talk diverted, so what's the matter with you today?"

"I'd like to ask for the equipment to this girl."



Godi-san looks at the whole body of the Karen, it is not a perverted eyes, but a serious one.

"Wait a moment."

"Ah yes..."

By saying that, Godi-san disappeared back into the shop.

"Even such a person, but his arms are certain."

"That's right, just by looking at my sword, he could tell that I'm an amateur..."

"I kept you waiting, Try this."

Godi-san who came from the back is holding a spear.
Karen received that spear and swung or poked it lightly.
It's smoother movement than I expected.

"Hou~, you are not an amateur."

"What? I have practiced Naginata before."

"I have never heard of it before, but good moves."

"Thank you."

It should be a smooth movement as if it were a Naginata, because it is a martial art for a non-powerful woman to begin with.
It seems there is no need for much strength.

"Clothes... That's right, should they be look like you wear now?"


Godi-san returned to the back again and brought a white practice wear and a black hakama skirt.
Kuon's Hakama is red, so it became different color.
And then the weapon spear shape close to Naginata, I will call it Naginata because I do not know the difference between them.
Then, to move easily leather boots are bought.

"How much is it?"

"Well, it's OK with all 2 gold coins as a whole set."

"It is 2 gold coins."

I still do not know whether 2 gold coins are expensive or cheap, but with the money I got yesterday.
I decided not to mind so much as I can pay, is it really a painful expense when I consider one oak general one gold coin?
I made five gold coins at the point when I left the dungeon
I still have gold coins, but in the future it seems better to be careful in spending.

"Every time, if you find something bring it and if that sword became useless I have something good to sell."

"At that time, I will leave it to you."

"Thank you very much."

We left Godi-san's shop and head towards the gate on the forest side, few soldiers are standing there.
We showed our guild plates and went out through the gate.
We look for the monsters on the side so that we will not go too deep into the forest.

"How is it, Ellis?"

"Right side, 4 Goblins!"

"Iris, use clay bind! We will do the remaining three!"


Karen cannot keep up with our movements and was a little distressed.
Ellis's arrow beside me run through the goblin.
As soon as the goblins noticed us they took weapons.
The arrow of Ellis penetrates the forehead of a goblin and I and Kuon slash the left and right goblins.
And the last one was restrained by Iris Clay Bind.

"Can you do it Karen?"

"Ah... yes..."

"Please do your best!"

By answering my question and was cheered by Kuon by pushing her back, Karen moves forward towards the goblin.


With a shout she shakes Naginata and cuts the goblin, but Lv is low and there is not much power in the swing.
Karen's Naginata cannot kill the goblin, the goblins screams and starts to struggle.


"Do not run away!"

"Ah... Uwa~..."

Karen sits down as it is by shivering, she is just a normal girl in Japan until recently. It might be painful to let such a girl do such a thing.
But, if she do not overcome this, she will never be able to become strong

"Ha~a ha~a ha~a..."

"Can you do it?"


She emptied things in her stomach and resolved her-self and changed her face with resolve.
She holds Naginata again.


Naginata swung through without hesitation dropped the neck of the goblin.
Goblins will fade away as light.

"You did it well..."



When we got closer and called out, she must have relaxed, Karen fainted and lost her consciousness.
I hold her and let her rest for a while.

"She must have been overwhelmed?"

"Well, whether it is a monster or a man, you have to be resolved for the first time to kill. She got over it, so it'll be fine." (TL: Not in real life. Don't take it seriously.)

"Yeah right..."

"But Kyosuke-san is kind, if Karen-san do not overcome this now... If she was not prepared to face a stronger enemy... Karen-san will die... Even in the town, if those guys at that time are aiming for Karen-san, if we were there it will be fine, but if not..."

"I have not thought that far, I just try to make it convenient for me."


(Karen POV)

When I came to, I listened to everyone's conversation, to be honest I thought that if I have to do this, I could just live in the town.
But Kyosuke-san denied it...
But I think that Kyosuke-san has his own thinking...
When Kuon-san inquires about it, he looked a little embarrassed while denying it.
If you really plan on using me, you should have more cold eyes.
There is kindness in the back of that person, though he could have done something while I was asleep.
He never touched me not even once, when I am changing clothes he goes outside.

"Thank you, I am sorry for inconvenience..."

"Karen-san, are you OK?"

"Yes, I am fine."

"Oh, well do not push yourself."


I stand up and dust off the sand on my clothes, the pace of walking is so slow than when we came until here. I followed him who has been walking ahead of me. What ever he says, he was worried about me.
The speed of walking slowed down, and he chose a relatively easy way to walk.
As I thought he is a good person ...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. 

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