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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 12: 9-yrs old (1)

A year has passed since I was recognized as a top class magician by the Chief.
I am now 9-yrs old and Giselle 7-yrs old.

Recently, I need to do more things like to help such as hunting and the time spent on magic practice has decreased sharply. 
I do not like the shallow understanding of my father's magic.

I am trying many things to let Otem hunt instead of me, but it is not going as I planned.
It is difficult to incorporate the corresponding actions until it makes the hunt smoothly.
It is possible if I stick to the side of Otem and continue reworking magic, but after all it takes time and it is totally overwhelming.
There seems to be a way to have simulated intelligence, but in this settlement there is overwhelmingly lacking of materials.

Someday I will leave this settlement and get more knowledge and want to do various things.
No, I could devote myself to practicing magic so far because the entertainment was small in this settlement.
Unexpectedly, if I go out into town, my magic arms may wane at a stroke.

In the first place, it seems that Maren tribe is basically decided that it should not leave this settlement.
Apparently the village of the Maren tribe seems to be a hidden village of the ninja in Japan.

When a major incident such as war occurred in the country, it is said that the Royal family send messengers and the Maren tribe to participate in it.
It seems that it is a secret weapon of the country.
From knowing some circumstances it is called a magical troupe as a group manipulating dubious magic and eerie dolls and is fearful.

However, it seems the last time a request for participation was about nearly a hundred years ago.
Many Maren families now use magic only in spiritual techniques, ceremonies, fortune-telling and devinations.
In the old days more magic was flourishing but now completely waned that's what the chief complaining.
I also think that I should have been born in a time when the waring times.
Because now it is peaceful time, I do not know I am saying because of this peaceful time.

To be honest, I have no intention of living in this settlement for the rest of my life.

There are neither golem nor alchemy materials here.
As I read books, there are various things in this world.
I would like to make more authentic chimera and homunculus.
I cannot be satisfied with just Otem alone.

Because I was isolated from the world, my magic skills may be delayed considerably.
When I think about that I cannot sit or stand still.
There should be another place to make use of magic rather than such a closed place.

"Nii-sama, father-sama calls you for hunting..."

I take my eyes off the book and turn my face towards the voice.
Giselle was standing with an apologetic face.

"Fuun~... I do not think I have any talent there."

I'm confident that at least I can use magic to hunt more prey than anyone else, but my father insists on using the bow to the end.
It is better to remember this way of using, it will be useful with somethings he said.
My father has a hard head.

Even from the history of Maren tribe, the time when hunting was done with magic is supposed to be longer.
From chief's story, it seems that the bow was a weapon possessed by an inexperienced person who could not use magic well until about eighty years ago.
It is now totally peaceful times blurred that sense, now it is said that those who hunt with magic is a strange ones, or it is said to be dangerous if they go on rampage.

When I was young, my father and mother were delighted when I showed interest in magic, but... recently they are trying to separate me from magic in someway.
Surely, it probably went over such a line a long time ago.

A lighter is convenient if it is present, but flame radiators are not needed for ordinary households.
It is a slightly exaggerated expression, in other words, it is such a thing.
I have awareness, but I do not feel like stopping my feet now.
In this world, I have lived in magical practice all the time.
If I deny it this time, my life will remain only my little sister Giselle.
It feels like it is not bad, but I do not plan to forsake magic in anyway.

"When I finished reading this chapter, I'll get ready."

While I saying, I will drop my eyes to the book again.
Giselle laughed as if she was amazed by it, and she looks into the book from the side.
Giselle looking inside the book opens her mouth.

"This... what are these characters?"

"Arei letters, it is only this that wrote about the meaning of the figure of the magic circles."

What I am getting right now is also esoteric in magical books.
Arei letters, special characters dedicated to magic books are used.

Arei letters put together what should be represented by plural letters as one character, if it is usual.
There is something a bit wonderful if it goes well, but there is something close to the shorthand technique in the previous life.
Each character has a considerable amount of information packed, so at the time of mastering Arei letters, you have a lot of knowledge about magic.
Incidentally, it is only on letters, there are no pronunciations.

Originally, if you describe magic circles in detail, it cannot be said in very few books.
It is this magic book that makes it possible to forcibly make it by giving information amount to each letter.
You may think that I do not have to put it in a single piece to go that far, but remembering Arei letters itself can also become training magic.
Focusing ability and ability to organize information is the basic ability of magic.
It takes time to remember all of them, but once you mastered it completely, you will be able to dramatically increase the amount of knowledge you can stuff from your books in your life.

By the way, my father knew about the existence of the Arei characters, so I decided to ask the chief to teach them.
At first it was likely to be misrepresented by a simple version of Arei letters, but I decided to clench my teeth and decided to learn official Arei letters somehow.
Around a year now, the basics of Arei letters has become almost readable.
At this pace it seems that it will take over five years to completely master the application, but it seems miraculous speed even at this pace.

"Oh, Abel, there you are. Giselle should have called you a long time ago..."

Father came out of the house.
My father spits sigh when he found Giselle is beside me.

"Really, Giselle is sweet towards her older brother."

Did he found out.
I check the number on the page, then closed the book.

"I am really sorry father-sama, but my brother is magic..."

While I getting up, I stretched my hand towards Giselle and controlled her words.

"I am really sorry, I read only incomplete page, unintentionally."

Giselle pulls her eyebrows and sees me unhappily.
I feel like I want to complain towards my father, but it's also important to build physical fitness.
I am growing up right now and it cannot be just my hobbies.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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