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Fantasy world Oiliel 06

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 06: Guild

The Guild is a well built building has no doors.

Suddenly a girl run out from the Guild bumpped into me. I fell back all I can see is the labyrith which extends towards the Sky.

"I am sorry." Saying she started running. 

Must be in a lot of hurry. Hans gave me a hand to stand.

Once we step into the Guild few adventurers noticed us and greeted Hans. Few look towards me then gone back to their own bussiness.

I noticed everyone who was Guild employees are females who look like from 16yrs-25yrs old.

Hans first took me to the registrar. He talk to the registrar about me.

The registrar removed a metal plate and a thick book which look like a Encyclopedia. She used magic spell on metal plate and handed me. The metal plate started glowing blue. Seeing that she nodded and said.

"This is your first time registrating as an adventurer right?"


"Now, I will ask you few questions, please answer."


She chanted a spell then the metal plated started glowing brighter than before.

"Ano, What is your name?"


"How old are you?"


"Your rank will be J. Is that alright?"


"Thankyou, Balu-san, please wait a moment."

It seems the metal plate has engraved my name and age once I spoke.

She started turning the Encyclopedia like book pages and finally stopped at a double white page. She took the metal plate from my hand and placed it on the Encyclopedia. From the metal plate a plae light glowed and my info can be seen on the Encyclopedia. She gave back the metal plate which contains Name, Age and J-Rank.

"Please do not lose the ID card. If you lost you need to pay 10 Silver coins to issue a new one."

(In this world the money goes as this 1 Lrg Copper Coin(LCC)= 10 CC= 100Sml CC (sCC), 1 L Siver Coin(LSC)= 10SC= 100sSC= 1000 LCC, 1 L Gold Coin(LGC)= 10GC= 100sGC= 1000LSC= 1,000,000LCC.)

For first time joining fee is free. But, if lost the ID plate there is a fine of 10SC from preventing careless attitude.

She also said "If adventurer goes out on a quest must hand over the ID plate. We will stamp a magic embed guild mark on his/her body to prove ID."

"Now, I will explain about the Guild ranks and other stuff. First Ranks start from J to A. For team rankings J to A and above A are S, SS, SSS ranks. For rank-J members must join an Academy also while taking punitive quests must have atleast one other person as a teammate. Guild Rank goes up by completing quests....."

The registrar explained the rules of the Guild. Like no fighting inside the Guild and other stuff.

After Hans took me to the receptionist. She was a Golden fox tribe looks like 16yrs old. Hans told her that I had monster corpses which I need to trade for money.

She look at me in surprise then smiled and said

"Hello, my name is Une."

"Hello, my name is Balu."

"Hans-sama and Balu-san, Please wait a little."

She called another receptionist to attend her post and lead us to the room at the back. It is a big room size of a Soccer stadium while inside a table of size Soccer ground. She said

"This room is used for appraising monster corpses. You can place the corpses on the table."

When I took out the monsters from storage Bracelet, Une-san made a face like in a trance.

"This is the first time seeing a Storage space Item with large internal space. Balu-san are by any chance son of a King or S rank adventurer."

"No, I am from normal house."

[No normal house would have a storage space item.] both Hans and Une-san in mind.

[and an Artifact above C-class.] Hans added to his sentence

I put all the corpses on the table. Hans examined the corpses before Une-san and look at me with strange eyes. He did not say anything.

Last time I did not pay much attention when I saw the monsters because of the Artifact. But seeing now he killed them each with single blow to the vitals causing internal damage. This kid is stronger than I thought. Further more he defeated these monsters without proper equipment.(Hans)

Une-san also examined the corpses. She also cannot hide her astonished face.

"Ano, Balu-sama did you really kill these monsters by yourself. It might be rude but can you tell me what level are you?"

Hans also expecting to know something. I think this kid must be at least level 30 to defeat these monsters.

Uwaa, her addressing changed from -san to -sama.

"Yes, I killed these monsters. I am at Lvl-1."

"Thud" Hans fell down.

[Liar] both.

Both of them look at eack other. The one who opened is Hans.

"Little friend, I get it you are strong but Lvl-1 is a bit. I have a question for you?"

I did not say anything only

"Please say."

"Why did you not take out magic cores from the monsters?"

"What is a magic core?"

Both look at eack other faces again. This time Une-san said

"Magic core is the core of a monster which contains its magic or power. If you did not take out magic core there is a 50% chance for monster to become undead."

"Since you put it in storage space they did not turn undead. If left alone in the forest they would have become a meal to other monsters or become undead." Hans

when Hans said about storage space Une-sans ears moved (pikito)

The dead had 50% of getting eaten or 50% undead chances if left alone. This is the first I have heard.

"Then what about humans?"

"Humans are no exception. Even though humans have no magic core. The dead miasma becomes magic core. So undead human magic core." said Une-san.

"If a human is dead it is best to burn or bury the corpse."

"I will remember."

I just need to use revive magic if needed.

"The appraisal of these monsters. Which includes materials, magic cores, quest rewards is 30GC."

I have traded weapons/armours of goblins for 3sSC.

I still have Goblin General's long sword, goblin's small sword, Variant goblin's magic wand, Healer goblin's cane.

I received 30GC and 3SC in the same room the monsters are placed.

Hans and I went outside the guild.

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