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Fantasy world Oiliel 04

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 04: Village

Once at the front of the village of distance 150m. I can see people who dressed in soldier uniform.

I stop Aur and get down from it. One who look like a Captian send someone who looks like a soldier towards me.

"W...Who are you? Where do you come from? Is there anyone inside th...that thing? Why do you come here?"

The soldier looks like he is afraid. Even his voice is a bit scared. And he is holding his sword firmly. He has a dog ears and tail on his back. May be he is from beast kin Wolf race.

My guess is the thing he afraid of is Aur.

I smiled and said "My name is Balu. I come from a small village in the mountains. No one inside it. I came here to become adventurer."

After hearng my answer. The soldier rushed back to his Captian said few words.
The Captain look at me and walked towards me. I also saw another soldier run towards the village.

"Did you say your name is Balu. Do you have ID card? What is your Village name?"

"I do not have an ID card. My village do not have a name."

After listenning my answer he was silent for some time.

"What mountain are you from? What is that thing behind you?"

"The mountain have no name. But, we call it MT.Everest. It is my ride named Aur."

After heaBracelet my answer. He remained silent. Someone who is weaBracelet even better equipment come towards us along with the soldier who ran towards the village.

The captain said few words towards the better equipped man. The man nodded towards me and said.

"Hello, friend can you follow me?"


We went inside a room which look like a office of Guard Captain.

"My name is Hans. I am a Rank-A adventurer also this unit General."

"Hello, my name is Balu."

This kids age must be around 13 or 14 yrs. Also his hair pure Black which represents Demon race but his eyes pure blue represents Gods. May be he was summoned from another world just like heroes of the past. But, he did not have any summon symbols on him.(Hans)

"Did you come from different country?"

"May be if MT.Everest is not located in this country."

He is specifically saying Mt.Everest is it really famous. Let's find out how did he come here.(Hans)

"Yes MT.Everest is not located in this country or neighbouBracelet countries. Then how did you come here? Also can you specify the details?"

I thought of giving him some truth and some lies.

"When I touched the ride it shined brightly. When I came to I was in a forest and seperated from my ride. I was attacked by a Wolf, a Tiger afterwards some green goblins. I killed them all. After found my ride I loaded all the corpses and come here."

Is he serious? Is his ride an Artifact of Gods? This is the first time I saw a ride which floats steadily. Did he say he killed a Tiger and a Wolf... don't tell me. (hans)

"Okay can you show me your hunt?"

We went to the ride and showed him Wind Tiger, Aqua Wolf and Goblins.

"These are 1 Class-3 Silent Tiger(Lvl 2), 1 Class-3 Aqua Wolf(Lvl 3), 1 Class-3 Goblin General(Lvl 3), 1 Class-2 Varient Goblin(Lvl 1), 8 Class-1 Goblins(Lvl 1). Did you really kill them all?"

Wind tiger, Aqua Wolf and Goblin General are few of the strong near the forest. He killed them without damaging on the surface.

"Yes. What does Class represent?"

"Class is the threat Level of a monster. First you do not have ID. You need to pay 1 Silver coin normally. If I am correct you do not have money. I will make an exception for you, go and register in adventurer guild. I will introduce to the Guild."


"But before that could you show inside your ride? we need to check it on regulation."

"I do not mind. But, only one should get in."

I activated open door function by touching the ride. Before that I reduced space to 3 persons seats. That is only middle 3 throne seats are visible. I do not want to show him any hidden rooms or original space.

"I will check personally."

Only Hans entered the Aur.

Inside there is enough room for 3 members and how do this kid operate it just by a touch? That shows he is it's owner. This must be legendary artifact for sure.(Hans)

"Okay, it is clear. But, you cannot bring your ride inside the village like this." by saying

I can guess Hans trying to say. There are many who want to take possession of Aur either by authority or by force.

"Got it." As I placed my hand on Aur it started shrinking little by little. In the mean while I put corpses in the wooden storage Bracelet.

The onlookers have their eyes popped out like they were seeing unbelievable scene. Because Aur shrunk to the size of a chicken egg. I put it in my wooden storage Bracelet.

I, Guard Captain and Hans started walking straight towards the Adventurer's Guild. The Guard Captain parted with us at the center of the village. He ran towards the South where there are many high buildings are present. On the way Hans showed various inns, shops, temple, Academy etc. The Adventurer Guild is at near the foot of the labyrith. So we have to go towards the other end of the town. It is a lively village with lot of adventurers.

On the way many have greeted Hans and he responded with a smiling nod. While walking Hans spoke about village with proud face.

"This village name is Triand. It was formed about 500yrs ago when Labyrith was discovered. Here main residence were adventurers and merchants."

"This village is under a Noble. His name is Kaiser Lad. Here there are three academies. To the East is Magic Academy, to the West is Warrior Academy and to the North is Royal Academy. Out of these Royal and Warrior are well funded many people opt for them. While Magic Academy is the oldest Academy."

Hans look down when saying about Magic Academy.

"Does Magic Academy have a problem?"

"No, but Royal Academy also teaches Magic and Knight training also does not allow other races other than humans, so many opt for it. Also Nobles and high class families joins first which has high funds. Magic Academy have less funds also allows all races." 

"Does other races have discrimination?"

"No, the residence in this village does not discriminate other races. Also Kaiser-sama's daughter also in Magic Academy. Those of outsiders with skill and few Noble families dislike them."

"In other words Royal Academy was built to check on those outsiders and Nobles who dislike other races. And Magic Academy for mixed race building relationship between each other."


Our conversation continued for few minutes. At last we reached the Adventure Guild.

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