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Fantasy world Oiliel 02

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 02: Divine Skills

I was so excited about my adventure which is about to begin.

Well first let's see my status.

(Note: Status cannot be seen by others without Unique Skill in this world.)

Name: Balu
Race: Human/???
Age:  14
Job: -
Title: -

LVL: 1
HP: 100
MP: 100

STR: 100
MAG: 100
AGI: 100
LUC: 100

Unique Skill: Divine Body/Soul, Multi form, Divine Learn, ???, -

Skill: -

Magic: -

I don't have any Magic and Skill.

I have 3 Unique Skills. I just casually look into it.

Divine Body/Soul: Special body/soul immune to all, a body immune to physical / Magic / abnormal status / Soul attacks. Raises STR, MAG, AGI, LUC to max. Can switch between (Active/Passive). When Passive form protects vital parts and bones, no rise in stats also allows level up. When Active form Full immune, rises stats and any magic need 1MP/Magic but does not allow level up. 10% of full MP.

Multi form: Can split and unite according to oneself. When Split everyone can think sperately. Power/Level will not go down. Can unite no matter what distance. Does not allow Level up. (Active) 30% of Full MP.

Divine Learn: Learns targets Skill and also it's counter. Instant memory/permanant memory. Skill will be at Lvl 1 when learned. (Active) 10% of full MP. (This skill learns skills from targets Body/Soul.)

Okay let's try Multi form. Let's become 3.

As I activated my Unique Skill Multi Form. I became 3 individuals. What's amazing this skill has is 3 of me are originals. Let's give each a code name Nin (A), Nin (B), Nin (C)(Nin is Ninja). That means I can think seperately and if  we fight in group it will become 3 vs 1.

It took 30% of full MP for each copy form. I can become 4 individuals at Max with 10% MP remaining at once. If I want I can become 8 forms with 100% MP without Divine Body/Soul form.  

In Multi Form the skill Divine Body/Soul become Active with time limit 3 min (no Passive in Multi Form).

We thought of using Multi Form efficiently. Each choose a direction the first one to reach a path or village or human will be Main body. That means one who is safe will be main body the remaining 2 will get fighting experience in the forest.

Even we are miles appart we can contact each other and share Info. After 3 hrs Nin (A) found a river and used Multi Form to split into 2(Code name change Nin (A) Nin (D)) and started walking opposite directions to find people. By the way our MP 60 recovered in 1 hr. The mana of one used Multi Form will loose his mana will not effect others mana. That means I can become an army without a problem.

Nin (B) encountered a group of goblins and they found me.
It's a group of 10 Green goblins consist of
3 swordsmen, 2 archers, 3 magicians, 1 healer which are 1/2m height and 1 General which is 2.5m height. Out of the goblin magicians one is a variant with different color.

The attacker Nin (B) has activated Divine Body/Soul skill it took 10 MP now I am immune to any attacks so I started attacking goblins this all took in less than 10sec. The others also become Divine Body/Soul form without using the Skill. Back 4 started using Divine Learn Skill to learn the skills of 10 Goblins.

at the same time in the forest
In the forest Nin (C) was ambushed by the Silent Tiger(Lvl 2). Nin (C) used Multi form to split into 2 [Nin C Nin I]. Nin (I) learned it's Skill. Nin (C) killed it with a strong kick on its head which was like cutting a tofu with a sharp knife. Silent tiger dead without resistence. Shared info to others.

Nin (B) used Multi form to split into 2[Nin B Nin E]. Nin (E) to take distance and Nin (B) to attack eack have 70 MP.

Nin (E) who takes distance from goblins uses Multi form to split into 2[Nin E Nin F]. Both had 40 MP. and again both used Multi form to split each into 2[Nin E Nin G][Nin F Nin H].

Now 1 Attacker with 70 MP and back 4 with 10 MP. We are now 5 individuals here and 2 in the forest and 2 are walking opposite directions on river side a total of 9 individuals.

On the river side
Nin (D) encountered a Aqua Wolf(Lvl 3). Nin (D) killed the Aqua Wolf with lesser power kick than Silent tiger to it's neck then learned it's skill. Shared info to others.

If Goblins attacks I can ignore their attacks and hit their vital parts like Neck, abdomen, heart... etc.

In this form (Divine Body/Soul) Nin (B) killed 3 goblin swordsmen in 3 lowest punches their heart vest armour caved in.

My speed raised to the point in less than fraction of a second I moved back of the goblin archers when they released their arrows at me from 40m distance. I took out 2 archers with breaking their necks with chop.

Surprised when I killed 2 magicians with 2 punches to their head and remaining 1 goblin(variant) suddenly disappered to 10 meters away from me. I shifted my weight and accelerated towards the other magician goblin(variant) killed it with a kick on it's stomach.

The general goblin wants to attack me first before I killed the last healer goblin, but it was too late. The goblin general atmosphere changed suddenly this Green general become Red. I hit the general with lowest power punch at abdomen, it withstood the attack barely because of it's armour absorbed most of the shock. But, when I jump high and use my same power kick I used on Aqua Wolf on the head of General with bone breaking sound it died standing. I(Nin B) killed them without spilling any blood of Goblins.

By the way they are the first attacked me to kill. 

I killed 10 goblins consists of General less than 20 secs. I still have 2 Min 30 sec to go to normal from Divine Body/Soul.

The four in the back learned the skill and magic of all the goblins.

Now that I learned many skill/Magic. I thought of not using Divine Learn, Divine Body/Soul and Multi form skills until I get used to these new skills.

Learned skills

Unique Skill
Berserk from goblin general No MP needed
Revive from goblin healer 70% of Full MP
creator (???) 10% of Full MP
Skill Box (From Divine Learn) No MP needed

sword art LVL 1     No-10 MP needed
archery   LVL 1        No-10 MP needed
Stealth   LVL 1 (Silent tiger in forest) 1MP/min (range 0.1-???m in radius)
Counter (From Divine Learn) No-??? MP needed

also few other skills.

Fire Magic  Lvl 1 (goblin) (1-20 MP/magic)
Earth Magic Lvl 1 (goblin) (1-20 MP/magic)
Wind Magic  Lvl 1 (Silent tiger in forest) (1-20 MP/magic)
Water Magic Lvl 1 (Aqua wolf near river) (1-20 MP/magic)
Space Magic Lvl 1 (goblin) (10-Max MP/magic)
Heal Magic  Lvl 1 (goblin) (1-Max MP/magic)
Negate Magic (From Divine Learn)(range 50m-???/30mins) Need 20% of Full MP

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