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Fantasy world Oiliel 03

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 03: Fairy Name Fairy Aur

Right about now out of other four, 2[Nin A Nin D] by the river side found 2 villages on opposite directions. Their speed due to Divine Body/Soul skill become faster also as soon as my back four learned Space Magic they used it to get to the sky. Nin C  found a big tree(h150m w20m) which was up rooted not so long ago. The remaining Nin I went to Nin B to help collect goblin corpses.

The MP consumption in Divine Body/Soul form is 1 MP/magic and recovery speed is 10% /sec. They used Space Magic to sky from there they used space magic again to the place where they see buildings with 1 KM away from the gates. For no one to find them they casted Stealth Skill before using Space Magic to the Sky.

Out of 2 villages one village caught my eye. It has a labyrith which extends towards the sky. Nin A chose to go there so made a mark for Space transfer. After that Nin A used space transfer towards Nin(C) to make a ride.

Nin D made a mark at other village he found and returned to Nin C.

Let's check the new Unique Skills

Berserk: Goes into rage and raises STR and AGI. Out of control with anger.
instant healing power. Does not allow Level up. No MP needed.

Revive: Resurrect the dead back to life. 20% of full MP.

creator: Can create/customise tools, vehicles, weapons, etc 10% of full MP. Create living 10% of full MP.

Skill Box: Can store skills and hide Skills from others. Can give stored skills to others which are not Unique. Unique Skill (Skill Box) is not visible to any optical/Appraisal Skills. No Skill/Magic have any effect on this skill.

Since Divine Body/Soul, Divine Learn, Multi Form, creator and Revive are very rare skills. I send them to Skill Box.

Magics like Space magic and Negate magic also send to Skill box.

??? become creator Skill. With this skill I can create anything, even living things if I want. I think this is from my mother's inheritance.

We still have 1 min for Divine Body/Soul form to dispell. All the others who are away from me(Nin C) used space magic to my location. The others brought  Aqua Wolf and 10 goblin corpses with them. Nin B collected weapons from goblins.

We all used creator Skill on the Big tree which uprooted. The tree turned into liquid. We slowly converted liquid into an egg of size of a big horse cart. We given it a unique pattern around it. We gave it Sub Space. We gave it many Defensive functions but only one offensive function.

My ride is ready in 30secs. We all get in the cart impressed by our work. We put monster corpses backside dimension item storage.

We named it as Aur.

Name: Aur
Control: Balu, Fairy Aur

Owner: Balu

Class: SSS above
Rank: ???

Magic generator core

Offence/Magic: Tackle
Defence/Magic: All ()
Special/Magic: Arena magic

Logistics: Sky, Water, Earth, Space, Magma, etc.

Functions: Map, Scan, traps, etc.

Fairy Aur is a girl. I created using the tree life essence. She has no memory as a tree. But she has common sense from this worlds memory.

Name: Fairy Aur

Age: 10000yrs
HP: -
MP: 1000

STR: 1000
MAG: 1000
AGI: 100
LUC: 100

Unique Skill: Plant Manipulation

Special: fairy (changes to a solid item or spirit invisible form)

Skill: Levitate

Magic: Earth Magic.

Fairy Aur cannot talk. But, can understand words. Her learning skills are good and her common sense is better than me.

She of same height as me.

Fairy Aur used the skill and change into a fairy form. She turned into a small wooden pendant. I put her on around my neck. By seeing her I got a new idea. That is to have a storage item.

Till 10 seconds to Divine Body/Soul form to dispell. I used small amount of Liquid to make a Bracelet with wooden storage space. The remaining liquid was stored inside the wooden storage Bracelet.

The Divine Body/Soul form Dispelled. And our MP is full but if we want to use Divine Body/Soul form except Nin B everyone can activate it. Nin B needs to wait for 10mins.

I put the weapons in Bracelet. The Divine Body/Soul form Dispelled.

Before leaving we united as one. Because Multi form weakness is we cannot level up when split.

I used warp to the marked location 1-Km away from the labyrith village.

I used Orb on my right to move Aur slow at walking pace towards the village. While inside Aur I activated Divine Body/Soul form after 3mins when dispelled. I reactivated Divine Body/Soul form aithout waiting for 10mins. That means when I am in Multi form I need to wait for 10mins to activate Divine Body/Soul once used but when not in Multi form I do not need to wait for 10mins.

My Divine Skills compatibility is as follows

Multi form -> Divine Form(active 3mins) -> 10mins -> Divine Form(active 3mins)....
Normal -> Divine Form-> 0sec -> Divine Form.... (continue the form )

Multi form (-X-) Divine form (Passive) [MF has no DF passive]
Multi form -> Divine form Active (Divine Body/Soul Form - Divine Form - DF)

1 Normal <-> 4MF each left MP 10%
1 Normal <-> 2MF each 70%<-> 4MF 40%<-> 8 MF  left MP 10%   [Multiform - MF]

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