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Fantasy world Oiliel 01

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 01: Transfer

My family:
twin Big sisters
my self.

My mother is a beauty. She looks like a Goddess. She has blond hair and blue eyes with fair never aging skin.

My father can be considered handsome. He has black hair and Black eyes. He was popular with girls when in high school.

Twin big sisters both are Blond hair and have odd eyes alt one Blue and one Red.

I am a healthy teenager with Black hair and Blue eyes.

My family has a secret. Actually mother is a Goddess who governs another world. Mother and Father fallen in love when he was summoned to her world by mistake. Later my mother travelled to this world.

When I am small, My mother before going to bed say about her world stories.

I used to say when I grow up I will go to her world.

That was all in the past. Right now I am totally confused. I am certain this place is not Earth. Because I am now standing on a thick cloud and my body absorbing lot of energy from this place. As far as I can see is nothing but white and golden color clouds. Whats more a girl who look just like an Angel right in front of smiling at me.

"Welcome Back, cousin. Long time no see." (おひさしぶりです)

Suddenly she hugged me. 


Because a girl who look like an Angel hugged me out of no where. And she greeted me with [long time no see]. (おひさしぶりです)
And whats this about cousin. May be she took me for someone else.

"Ano, Who are you? And where am I?"

"Haha, I am Reia your cousin. Well you just born when you first saw me. So it's natural to not know me. This is your mother's world."

That means I am smaller than her. This is my mother's domain that means heaven. Looking around I would be bored if I have to live here.

"Why was I here?"

"Because Aunt-sama sent you here. You will be going down to Oliel and live."

"Oliel is it the world from mother's stories come from."


"Can you release me?"

This is the first time who hugged me this long other than my mother, Asha and Aria.

"Ah, sorry I want to hug you some more. You are so comfortable to hug."

"Earlier, you said I have to go to Oliel. Why?"

"No, just Aunt-sama want you to live there.  Since she and uncle-sama will be coming back to this domain."

By saying she showed me projection of my mother. Yes it is a letter(projection).

[To Balu, go to Oiliel and live there. I know you loved the stories about my world. I want you to live freely. Your father and I will be there in 3 months. Also Asha and Aria were on Oiliel, they will find you.]

Well Oliel is my mother's home world so there is no problem.

After the message Reia-san took a little distance and said.

"You will be transferred to Oiliel in a while. I want you to know few basic things before you leave."

"1st you will be transferred at random to Oiliel, because this transfer is made of my power. So, you need to become a Hero or an adventurer of high level or a Ruler or ......"

In other words unless one would become famous we cannot find the Identity. The reason is Oiliel is 30 times bigger than Earth.

"2nd everyone on Oiliel has status to know their strength. You should never speak of your original status to anyone. Also never tell your info to anyone."

That means I should lie about my info.

"3rd Asha and Aria was on Oiliel because they was summoned by Hero summoning for Elves. It will be hard to find them."

Asha as a Yuusha. I cannot imagine that clumsy Asha as Yuusha. On the other hand Aria has would be perfect for Yuusha.

"4th you must not hesitate to kill. It will become your weakness. Oiliel is much more dangerous than you think."

Well I can guess that Oiliel is dangerous from stories. But, I may manage somehow.

"5th you should never blindly trust anyone."

Am I a kid. Well 14-yrs can be considered as kid. But, I already completed university education when I am 10-yrs. Last three years I travelled through many places on Earth with my family.

"And lastly Oiliel is not Earth. Find atleast a girlfriend other than Asha and Aria."

Asha and Aria are my big sisters not my girlfriends.

"........" she said few casual things about Oiliel.

"That's all, take care."

"See you later, Reia-san."

I was wrapped in white light and when I came to... I was in a Forest.

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