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Fantasy world Oiliel 05

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 05: Noble name Kaiser

It is a sole Mansion on the East side of the village. Behind the Mansion away atleast 800m apart a man who looks like 20-yrs old was standing, which looks like a practice area for magic.

He was reading a book. It's name is Fusion Magic.
After some time he casted two different magic spells. He tried to combine the both magic to one. But

dododooooo gagaagaaaaan.

"Ah, failed again." Kaiser was drenched in sweat and looks a little tired. 

He saw from a far a soldier guard running towards him. The guard stopped at 10m away.

"What is it? I already said unless it is absolute important not to come here."

"Kaiser-sama, there is an important report from the guard captain posted at the West Gate."

"Let him wait at the guest room."


Yes this man is Kaiser also the lord of this village. He likes both humans and other races equally. His favorite hobby is research on magic.

Kaiser wiped his sweat with a towel head towards the guest room. As soon as he arrived Guard Captain saluted to him. He nodded.

"What is the important report? Hachieru."

"Ha, Kaiser-sama it is very important report. Can we talk in private."

Kaiser casted a Wind barrier magic around. So no one can hear. Hachieru put a mask and started talking.

"Kaiser-sama, just now a kid arrived from West Gate. He possess an Artifact."

"Ho, an Artifact."

"Yes, I suspect it must be above C-class."

"A C-class Artifact. What kind of weapon is it? or is it a defensive gear?"

"No, it is a ride around the size of a royal cart which floats. Also a sturdy one at that. I tried to make a small dent on it when the kid was at office. But, it's defence repelled my attack. After he made the ride to shrunk to a size of Egg. Also he has a space storage wooden Bracelet on him."

Here Kaiser also surprised by this a kid possess an Artifact with multiple fuctions and a space storage item.

"Oho, a defensive ride with multiple fuctions. How fast is it?"

"I don't know because when it first sighted it was at a pace of walking. And the kid stopped it few meters away."

"Is he a son of Noble or well known adventurer? What is his name?"

"He said his name is Balu. I don't think so. He said, he was from a small village. And from Mt. Everest. May be he was from another country or even other world. "

"Can you describe his appearence?"

"Yes, he is a kid around age 13-14yrs. He has Black hair and Blue eyes. His skin is fair and has a smile on his face. In one word, he is pleasing to the eye."

"Oho, a good looking kid. Did anyone know about the Artifact?"

"Yes, few other guards in my unit."

Kaiser immediately send his most trusted personal guard. To make sure the info from spreading.

Kaiser learned about Hans escorting the Balu adventure Guild and other details. 


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