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Library of Heaven’s Path CHAPTER 01: LIAR

"Liar! Big liar!"

An angry roar, followed by the sound of footsteps on the ground someone fleeing could be heard.

Zhang Xuan helpless stretched out his hands "I am not a liar, is the academy teacher... just want you to be my students! And, even if I am a liar, why add a 'big' word? I am the same as the before heinous ... ..."

Whispered himself and remembered the words the director, Zhang Xuan rubbing his eyebrows "17th one already! Today, even if a student can not recruit, tomorrow I can roll home!"

Zhang Xuan is not a person from this world, but the Earth's an ordinary librarian. He only remembers the blazing flames and then... then no more and then wake up to this world.

World is just like the ones described in novels, martial arts respect and the strength is king!

Initially, thought that after crossing, he would become a useless waste and rejected by his fiancee and hit against the attack and his life would proceed smoothly from then on... seems to be more. Arriving here, only to find is actually not a student but... a teacher!

The most sad teacher in the entire academy!

Others of the classroom are overcrowded to find seats to sit down and in his class one is not and he finally pulled in a few students they ended up cursing him as a 'liar' and flee!
The reason is by their own soul to ended up body the previous guy. The teacher is not only lowest strength but also very poor eyes(teaching) and consequently cannot teach right path, the main is... he even misguided a student, causing his cultivation to go berserk!

This is the same as the hospital dead, fame big loss, by the cast aside, even if the new students, but also a respect for each other, fear of falling into his hands, was taught half dead!
This is same as the hospital having a dead patients, fame big loss and cast aside by everyone else. Even if the new students arrive, the old students for the respect for each other fear of falling into his hands was taught they would end up half dead.

No students, but also been criticized last year, the teacher evaluation, the first count of the first college, and even get the only zero in history.

Without students but also been criticized for last years teacher evaluation in the entire history of academy first to get zero points.

Depressed, drowned in wine and worry, the results wish to hang up, and their own opportunity to pass over.

The new semester began, the college issued an ultimatum, if this year, his class can no longer recruit a student, directly expelled from the teacher!
Today, seventeen new students have passed by his classroom. The results, once heard his name all without exception to escape, like a little girl encountered stranger, run as fast as possible and as far as possible.
"It seems necessary to find a way to coax one of them!"
As his mind is trying to think how to pull people in, he sees a naive girl from the door to reveal her head.
"Is it the classroom where Lu teacher is staying?"
She has a sweet sound, looks cute, elegant and pleasant.
Lu Xun teacher is the academy's a "star teacher". His classroom every time is full and countless people especially come for his class.
"First her!" see someone walk into his own room, Zhang Xuan's eyes light up.
Seen all kinds of predecessors(original owner of the body) usual routines recalled again, sitting quietly on the seat, put a world outside the posture: "You want to worship him as a teacher?
Girl tentatively nodded again and again and her black eyes full of worship: "I heard that Lu teacher is the most powerful teacher Hongtian academy, teacher of students are all extraordinary strength and able to join his class is to be proud of!"
"Rumors may not be true and the teacher is like the shoes, what is important is whether it fits or not! No matter how good is his theory, if the theories are not suited to the skills you are practicing, not only will not progress, may even will regress! Teacher fame is not significant, and if his theories harmonize with yours may also rapid progress, cultivation will rise exponentially! "
"Yes ah ... ... I also heard my elder brother said something similar!" The girl froze a moment, beautiful eyes some confusion: "But, I do not know what kind of classroom should I go!"
See her on the hook, Zhang Xuan eyes light, hesitated a moment such as Marx, Engels and other sages in the minds of each other, he put on a difficult look: " meeting is a destiny, so be it. I am also the college teacher. I will help you take a look at the root bone, talent, personality and along the way to help you recommend a suitable teacher!
"Then trouble Mr.!" She did not expect the casual encounter of the teacher, so righteousness, the girl excitedly nodded quickly.
"You show me first your cultivation!"
Zhang Xuan eyes half open, it seems as though do not care.


Moment of effort, the room fist wind whistling, a wave of Qijun(spiritual energy) like a dragon swims around the body of the girl, the whole person breath condensate and not scattered,  powerful but hidden, which shows on behalf of her have an excellent foundation.
"Well, I see it that you usually practice hard, solid foundation, excellent talent and is an invisible genius!"  After she finishes a routine, Zhang Xuan nods his head in satisfaction.
He learned from Earth's fortune tellers that words are all gold oil are slippery a wide range of interpretation, people can not hear the flaws, but also acknowledge it as accurate.

"Especially the strength of your legs they are similar as a Panlong(coiling dragon) general, every move like a surging river, endless, after a good practice, then certainly very promising..."           
"Teacher, my legs were injured, the doctor said that basically the same as waste(no power)..." girl interrupted his endless praises, eyes with some doubts.
"Hurt..." Zhang Xuan face turn red, but thick-skinned, others can not see and continue his rambling: "Do you think I did not see it? Just when you cast their power, I know! So that is because ... ... not broken! Your legs, although injured, but accidentally get other people are unexpected opportunities, after a good grasp of your leg strength must become the strongest fighting force! Let no other people to catch up!
Anyway, he is just trapping her, can be a nonsense or not a nonsense. The first important thing is to get a disciple.
"Chance? Teacher, what kind of opportunity?" Girl eyes light up.
After her leg injury, has been felt less than others and dark self-esteem. Did not cross her mind there may be a blessing in disguise.
"This opportunity can allow you to soar to the top, become the first of the new is not an exaggeration. After all, your talent is very good, is a fantastic peerless genius, but..." Zhang Xuan mouth stop, did not make a sound, did not come up with A "Tathagata palm"(Buddha's palm).
Hear can become a new student's first and boast that she is a genius, the girl can not help but reveal the face of hot, quickly asked: "But what?
"But..." Zhang Xuan sigh, a good talent is about to be buried sigh: "The teachers who are able to spot such an opportunity don't number many in this academy! Including me, there are only three. The other two has already stopped accepting students from three years ago, so... It would be difficult for me to ask them as well..."
"Do not accept the students?" The girl had a great hope, hear this look slightly dim a bit, then figured out something suddenly and says: "They do not accept students, that teacher you... accepting?"
"Of course received, but you can also see, I indifferent to fame and fortune, not so much time!" Zhang Xuan face showing the dilemma: " If it is not good quality jade and destiny, will not easily agreed to...."

Before he finished, the girl bowed to the ground: "I know that Mr. is noble, also please accept me! I will be good practice, do not lose the teacher's face!

Zhang Xuan heart ecstasy, his face still exaggerated color: "You and I really destined, but... you can see it that I like quiet..."
"Student's do guarantee that unless the last resort, absolutely do not disturb the teacher!" See him some reluctant, the girl quickly nodded and looked sincere.
"I do not have many students, may be less resources than other teachers, but also criticized by others..." Zhang Hang said.
"Is that so... I heard that refining resources are very important..." girl hesitated a bit.
Teachers in the college to receive resources, and students are taught the results, the number of conditions such as linked, if the resources are not enough, practice will be difficult to progress.
"Ke cough, I deliberately test you say so, since your heart is firm, sincerely recognize me as a teacher, I will also reluctantly accept you!" See her hesitant, Zhang Xuan immediately interrupted, quickly said: "identity Verify card! "
"This is so fast?"
Did not expect the teacher to face change like a flipping a book pages fast outrageous. The girl slightly stunned when Zhang took over the token on behalf of the identity, is considering in the end do not verify, to see before the very Zhang xuan has pulled her palm of hand, took out a hand knife gently strokes for a drop of blood fell on the jade token.

Light flashing.


Girl in a daze.

Just now the teacher does not mean to consider, indifferent fame and fortune? How the action so fast, and ... ... are even ready the knife?
"From now on, you are my student!" Drop the blood to recognize the Lord, Zhang this relief, once again to restore the appearance: "What is your name?"
"Back to the teacher, my name is Wang Ying!"
Know that can not be changed, the girl no longer say and look quickly nodded.
"Well, holding the identity token, to lead your bedding, books and by the way to find their own place at it! Tomorrow is the formal class, come here to find me on the line!
Zhang waved his hand.

"Yes!" Wang Ying nodded, turned and left.

"hah! Successfully trapped one!"
See her to become their own students, Zhang Xuan some relief smiled.

It is not easy, if not for seen a lot of acting skills, I am afraid today is really difficult to succeed.
With a student, will be able to avoid the misfortune of being expelled, Zhang relaxed his mood a little, suddenly felt the spirit of the whole moment a lot of smooth, the obsession that was lingering of predecessors in his brain disappears gradually.
"Do not worry, since I crosses into your body and will live in your stead!"
The previous Zhang Xuan died because he was unable to recruit students, so he held strong regrets in this world. Now that there is a student under him, his final obsession disappears. At this moment, Zhang Xuan could be considered to finally gain complete control over this body.

Completely control the body, Zhang Xuan wants to continue trap a few more students over. However, he suddenly feels a tremor in his head as he hears a sound of ancient bells striking in his head.</p>

"The world is not benevolent, all things like the dog..."

"Sun and the moon surplus, world is missing..."

All kinds of mysterious language. The shock made him some dizzy, followed by the emergence of a huge palace, above the five characters sparkling.

Heaven Library!
Push the door, walk in to see the numerous bookshelves everywhere, a variety of books endless, one can not see the end.
"Is it the way to pass the gift pack? Library? Nima, my last life is a librarian. It can't be that I would still be the same in this world as well!
The gift packs of others are old grandfathers, systems or all kinds of overpowered items. Yet, my gift pack is a library? Zhang Xuan could feel the sight before him turning dark and he almost faints.

Library? For what? Do you fight later, others throw the sword, I throw the books?
"What are these books?"
Feeling helpless, Zhang Xuan reaches out to grab a book from a bookshelf so as to determine the purpose of this library. However, when he stretches out, his hand passes through the bookshelf, causing him to grab thin air.

"Are you playing with me? Giving me a library yet preventing me from grabbing and reading any book, in the end what to do?"

Zhang Xuan face speechless, tears without tears.

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