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CH02: Shameless

And study for a while, found the book in the library, all the fog in the flower, the water Mochizuki, simply can not get, Zhang lost the interest, the spirit out of the sea.

A while after investigating, found that the books in the library are just like fog in the forest and like the moon refletion in the water simply cannot get. Zhang Xuan lost his interest and get out of the spirit sea.

"It's already afternoon, let's eat lunch and then think of ways to trap atleast two!"
Looking up at the window and the sun has come to the center. This morning came a total of eighteen students and only one as an apprentice, the acceptance probability is really low. This afternoon cannot continue this way anymore. If even cannot cheat an ancient person, how to face their own life in the information of the era of development? (This is the thoughts of Zhang Xuan, so I did not refer him as he.)
Stretched out his waist, slowly walked into the college cafeteria.
Just like in the past world's colleges and universities, Hongtian College of the canteen is very large enough to allow tens of thousands of students at the same time to eat. After recruiting a student, Zhang is feeling good, he ordered more than a few dishes and find's a corner of place to enjoy his meal.
"Is not this Zhang teacher?"
While he is about to eat happily, a voice rang up, looked up to see a young man smile at him and his eyes has no warm, but to give people a sense of a fake smile.
"Cao Teacher?" Zhang Xuan said out loud.
 Teacher Cao's full name is Cao Xiong and he entered the college along with him, has always liked to comparisons and always take the opportunity to fight with him.
Predecessor(previous owner of the body) is because they can not stand a variety of ridicule from him and only drunk to his death because of pressure. This guy also has a relationship for such pressure.
"Today, new students reporting are independent choice of teachers. how is your harvest? Seeing you still have the mood to eat here, it should be nice! Look, this is my new recruit students, a total of twelve, I first take them to eat rice before arranging accommodation!"
Cao teacher's face with high meaning, he points to his back to show off.
Yes, he is over here to show off.
There is no hatred between him and Zhang Xuan and the two joined academy at the same time. It is natural and inevitable to be a comparative evaluation. Since Zhang is a model of failure which is a model of failure, he certainly want to highlight the sense of superiority.
Behind him a group of young people with one by one full of energy and full of curiosity about the new things.
"Everyone, allow me to introduce this is the Zhang Xuan teacher and is our academy celebrity. So many years of our academy the one and only teacher who scored the zero of the teacher's assessment! Created a new history!
Teacher Cao introduced to the crowd.

"Teacher assessment was zero?"
"Ah, I have heard of it when I was on the way, he taught a student go berserk and almost ruined his life!
"I also have heard, too many people told me before, do not choose him as a teacher or otherwise not only no way to practice but also suicide!"
"Did not think he was like that. He looks pretty good!"

Heard Cao Xiong's introduction, a public discussion of students.
Teacher assessment is of a variety of factors combined together to form unified score. Unified score which students also accounted for part of the evaluation, as long as the teacher is a student, there will be results. Directly get a zero could be a breakthrough in history.
"Are you finished?"
Toward the crowd talking, Zhang does not feel angry.
Was zero that is before the Zhang Xuan, what does it have to do with him?
However, although not very angry, but he was unhappy for the behavior of the teacher who pressure others for sake of raise their own standing, he casually waved: "After you are done with your introduction, you can scram. Don't interrupt my meal here!!
Did not expect to tell his history, this guy did not have the slightest guilty conscience, but also let yourself get out, Cao Xiong face is not good-looking. He shakes his hand sleeves and revealing the teacher had the teacher majestic: "teacher assessment was zero, broken college The record, do not you have the slightest shame?
Why do I have to be ashamed? You also said, I broke the academy history and became a celebrity. Every new student know who I am, and you? "Zhang Xuan his hand pointing, Cao Xiong behind many students: "If you are not trying to win them over even invited to eat, you think they will worship you as a teacher? As a teacher you have a very little fame. Do you know in this academy anyone know who you are? Do not show off before me, your show off is like air before me!"

If Other's teacher assessment was zero, they absolutely will be covered their face for fear of shame that is natural. But this guy complacent and a look of pride. Cao did not get zero but became the object of his contempt.
Cao Xiong is almost crazy.

His skin is really too thick! The key is... on this result, where do you in the end get proud of the capital?
Standing behind him students, but also one by one looked at each other, completely muddleheaded.
What about his face, his reputation?
The teacher ... ... too shameless it!

For the Zhang, what shame? Thick skinned? What a joke! His life of the times on Earth, some stars for the stardom, what shame to do! What exaggerated what to do, photos, fake news, all kinds of things, do not feel ashamed. His teacher test was zero only, simply nothing.
Cao Xiong's face reddened: "The main job of a teacher is to teach, today I do not care about you, so when you recruit students, have the ability to compare. Then, we'll see whose student is more skilled!"
Finish to turn away.

At this point, behind the sound of a man and a woman's voice.
"That teacher is really good, character is also good..."
A female voice cutely sounded, the tone is full of hesitation.
"My second miss, you listen to me. Before we headed out, young master has already entrusted me to bring you to Teacher Lu Xun. However, you refuse to listen to me, but also deliberately shook me off. Thanks to certain someone who is not good, have to worship him... "
Followed by an old man's voice, tone with helplessness.
"The teacher... not as you said so bad, he... he is better than others, but also help me pointing. He said that I... I with good practice, I can be the first..." female voice rang with some hesitation.
"Is the first grade, really want to learn with him, not obsessed is a good thing, Miss you, you know who he is? College of the most famous waste teacher, teacher assessment on the last year semester was zero... my little ancestors, you better withdraw from him, or if the master to know will kill me..." the old man voiced out with a pleading.

Hear the old man talking about the young master, the girl began to fear, her face distorted, do not know how to do
Will listen to these words in the ears, was about to leave Cao Xiong eyes light up, laughing smile towards look to eat Zhang Xuan: "Zhang teacher, this girl is you just enrolled students? Haha, looks not too good.  She seems to be intending to withdraw as your student!"

Teachers can choose students and similarly students can also choose teachers.
If student feel that the teacher is not suitable for themself, they can return the token given to them.
Cao Xiong's voice is very large, immediately aroused the attention of many people and are discussing about the mistress and servants duo of focus.
"Second Miss, is he your teacher just worship?" Old eyes fell on Zhang Xuan body.

"Yes!" The girl nodded.
The old man immediately stood up, a few steps came in front of Zhang Xuan: "Zhang teacher, our Miss, intend to withdraw from your lessons!"
"Liu old..." did not expect the old man acts so fast, the girl face a red, hastened to come forward, then turned around and looked to Zhang Xuan face apology: "Teacher, I..."
She is the student Zhang Xuan just accepted, Wang Ying.
"Wang Ying, you also know that I have not received students. The reason I received you becasue we are destined.  Do you want to withdraw and give up such a great opportunity in vain? Do You know how many people want to be my students and I do not accept?"
Zhang Xuan, of course, can not let slip the ones he already placed his hands on. Thus he put on a look of old-fashioned(Elderly).

Hear his words of the surrounding people around, one by one feel their vision turn dark in front and almost fainted.
Big brother, can you have something like a sense of shame? But also has not received students and have affinity to be your students, but also how many people want to be your students... obviously you can not even receive a student...
"I'm not..."
Was his question, Wang Ying quickly waved, but then not yet finished was interrupted.
"Yes!" See the second lady character is not decisive, the old man Liu old man step forward: "Zhang teacher, our second miss, has decided to withdraw from your class. She is not convenient to say it, please also help us go through the formalities!
"Withdraw?" Zhang hanging eyelids turned: "You can think clearly, out of the teacher, in the college may be left a bad reputation, and later I am afraid no teacher dare to receive! Do you want because of your stubbornness? Can you take responsibility?"
"This..." Old Liu freezes.
Students can return the teacher, but the teacher back, is an insult to the teacher, and you can get back this, it means that you can get back another, in general, there is this "misdead" of the students, the other teachers will not be received again.
After all, the dignity of the teacher was insulted, for those who do not want to accept this kind of students.
Besides, accepting the student would mean insulting dignity of the teacher to his face. Everyone are colleagues, so it isn't wise for them to offend their peers over a student.
Practicing in college, no teacher, this life is equivalent to waste.
Liu Lao Gang also momentum impulse, Zhang hanging a word, let him do not know how to do it.
He is just a servant, if second Miss future was delay because of him, he died to blame.
"Do not worry, your second Miss good talent, I teach, there will certainly be a good result..." See him shake, Zhang hanging again resumed.
How could you make a cooked duck to fly?
"Slow, who said no teacher dare to close the little girl. If she were to withdraw from the teacher Zhang, I will receive her as my student!"
Zhang Xuan's words have not finished, the side of Cao Xiong step forward with his open arms.
He had just lost face in front of Zhang Xuan, this time the opportunity, how can let go?
"Cao Xiong, what are you doing?"
Zhang Xuan's face sank.

"Do you have to say? A good seedling, can not be wasted, if she wants to withdraw from you, I immediately received! Everyone to academy is to study, of course, to choose the best teacher to give her best guidance, rather than teacher assessment of zero!
Hey smile, Cao Xiong full is triumphantly.
"You are blatantly grab students from me, do not you think that I report the Central Educational office?
This is not simply a normal bicker, but openly grab students!
Although the school encourages teachers to choose their own, but do not advocate this random snatch! In the event of the impact of the feelings between teachers do not say, but also get the whole college a mess, affect the atmosphere.
"Grab the students you say, big deal we come to a site pointing, fair competition, so that students choose their own, dare not promise?"
Cao Xiong said.

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