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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 27: 15-yrs Old(5)

15-yrs old (5)

However, Noswell Calco.

Really, I never thought that the people of the Calco family will come to show their faces directly.

There were no particular restrictions to cultivate smoky leaves in this settlement.

originally, in houses that cannot afford to live, many people try to compensate for themselves.

Just Calco house, because the quality is far little than those of the other house of Rietta, it seems to stop quitting immediately.

Once a higher quality smoky leaves were sucked, it seems that inferior leaves only taste bad and tasteless.

There was something like that, but I never heard people from Calco family would bother to go to harass others because of that.

If there was a precedent, chief should have stopped it.

As a matter of fact, this Maren tribe has not been ruined that far.

However, they came at this timing means there will be no other reason other than smoky leaves.

What should I do?

I have prepared this far already and also I do not want to give up half way as it is.

Giselle grasped my clothes tightly.

She is trembling.

When I look ahead, I saw that Noswell was staring at Giselle.

When I thought that it was a bad guy's eyes, Noswell licked his lips with his tongue.

Oh... This guy is worst.

"... So, what did you come for?"

As I said, I went a step forward as to hide Giselle on my back.

"Ne, ne, Noswell-san, let's stop it, let's go home!" (ne= hey)

"That's, that's right, only he is really dangerous. I have already said many times, Otem madman alone should not be provoked."

When I thought behind 2 were strangely trembling, apparently they seemed to be scared of me.

It seemed that they were praising my magic talent, I think I like this kind of feeling.

"Shut up! I am the eldest son of the Calco family! What about Abel? I am the strongest and greatest in this settlement!"

Noswell threatens the two behind him. 

I think he is pushing too far by saying that he is the greatest, but the Calco family certainly seems to have considerable influence even at the village summit conference.

I heard that they made chief's words to be bent and let him withdrew decisions that were unfavorable to their home. The chief once complained such a thing.

It seems that even when the Maren tribe was driven into war in the past, only the Calco family had a stranger face.

"I heard that someone who fought with Abel and he was converted into chimera..."

"My, my father also said such a thing to my little sister, if she did anything bad Abel will turn her into Otem..."

Two of the lackeys said that while grasping the shoulder of Noswell.

Oi, who is it?

The one who spread the rumors that unreasonable in such a way.

There are things that can be said and not said.

Besides that, even child's emotional education also changed that far.

With whose permission did you doing that.

Those who believes also cannot be helped.

There is a guy who increases the bullying besides the main criminal, and it will become extreme from there.

"Are you guys stupid! Such a thing cannot be happen! Because, even my daddy cannot do such a thing!"

That's right, there is no way such a thing happen.

Let's put the reason aside, well said Noswell.

"Even I have seen him calling a fat bird as Shibi! Thar was certainly the name of Ardy family's elder son! I am sure he was done for! I am sure of it!"

"Hora, see! There seems to be someone who saw that mountain of piled-up Otems are spilling out lonesome words! Look at them, they have the face that will come to life at anytime!"

... No way, I have little knowledge about it.

It was my fault that I named Chimera as Shibi and also there were many times I have made Otems to speak.

There was a magic that makes Otem to record words and play it later. That was pretty fun.

Is it fine, this?

Perhaps my father, have a hard time because of me?

"... That's right, that's right, I also heard that he is a bear killer, he cut off the head of a Greater Bear, brought home and decorate it.... Maybe, he is definitely strange, we cannot get involved, let's go home, Noswell-san! "

What's wrong with these guys, did they come to insult me?

Did they want to say their heart? (complaints)

To refute them, they are not entirely wrong so it is hard to refute.

It is almost time for me to cry.

Giselle strongly grasps my clothes tightly.

Not good, my sister is scared. I do not why these kappa trio came to do, but for the time being, I will let Giselle alone go home.

That's what I thought, but contrary to my opinion Giselle came out before me.

"What, what are you guys! My Nii-sama, my Nii-sama does not do such things!"

While trembling the body, she shouts to three people with a loud voice.

Thanks to that, I was able to get back to calm down.

"Regarding Greater Bear also wanted to bring back other half of the that was cut and blown away which was not found, he was disappointed and frustrated! It is truly fact less! Don't say such selfish things!"

That way of saying is following up!

... it's different!

I just wanted to make it into a chimera material...!

The 2 lackeys faces around Noswell became blue.

When they tried to escape at the same time Noswell caught their clothes.

"Do not react exaggeratedly! It was obviously a lie! Besides Greater Bear, with my magic I can kill it! Only if it come in front of me! That will never happen though!"

2 lackeys stopped their running legs according to Noswell.

Even so, they had a floating face like a death row prisoner waiting for enforcement.

... Can this Okappa(Big Kappa) defeat Greater Bear?

My dad and Gallia-san were not an opponent against it.

If needed I think magic would do something about it. but this may be a little dangerous.

Somehow I got a little excited.

It was only chief who talk about magic that I was excited about.

So I did not expect much from other people, but I could see the expectation that it would be Noswell.

Although I would like to check the status, there is a possibility that the story will be repeated as it is seen that there is a will of fight if using poorly used magic in this situation.

I do not even know the reason why Noswell came yet.

For the time being, let's talk a little carefully.

I thought that someone with Okappa head was coming to pick fight with me, but as soon as I heard that he liked magic, I could see him as a nice guy.

I do not feel like that unique hairstyle head is also elegant.

I'd like to make friends.

"I am sorry behind being noisy. Do not get nervous. I will take... Why are you laughing a little?"

"No, come, come, please speak."


Noswell intensifies his face.

However, he thought that he would not be brought into the pace of the other, quickly returned his expression after inserting a cough.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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