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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 26: 15-yrs Old (4)

15-yrs old (4)

When I woke up in the morning, it had became my daily routine to pour magic power on to the buried Otem in the garden.

Before, I used to stay up late in the development of the magic circles, but due to this the life rhythm was being improved.

Long body, not very good looking, gorgeous and flashy color scheme.

And to the end a long and extending nose.

Although it has an interesting appearance, but I cannot say it looks cool.

But, if I keep pouring magic power everyday, I came to like it.

I stroked it's head while pouring magic power on to the Otem.

Yabai, somehow it looks cute.

Even with such a creepy scary makeup it looks cute now.

"Should... I name it?"

Even in the past life I cultivated dubious plants.

Even then, I used to name plants.

It was fun raising plants like that.

I remember, Mitsuhide who had raised a plant and named the flower with his name which withered in 3 days, which because a big laugh at that time.

The junior who was in charge of care was laughed into tears.

"Is it name?"

Giselle tilts her head.

In this settlement, there was no such culture as to name plants and Otems.

No, in my previous life it is not that major, was it?

There seems to be few people who named Otem after their deceased wife or old chief as to greet when they woke up and going to bed, but that would be a bit different.

The chief told me as a beautiful story, but to be honest I could only hear it as a ghost story.

It definitely started out of B-class horror movie. Whether Otem, which was left after the dead old man, started to move alone and it would be  developed to start splattering.

Although Giselle was crying, I thought that she was scared, but apparently she was touched and cried.

In this way, I feel somewhat lonely feeling deviations of values ​​of previous life.

No, I don't want to become someone who cries with such a story. 

"Oh, I will make this Otem's name Giselle with the meaning of wanting to grow beautiful leaves."

Since I declared, Giselle moved her eyes from myself to Otem.

Looking at the Otem which was painted in red, she makes her mouth silently 'pac pac'.

Then after she gazed at it's nose, she turned the face to me.

"Well that, I would like to stop that alone..."

"Don't like it...?"

"Sorry Nii-sama............ Sorry..."

She apologized twice with a little time gap.

I tried about trying a little, it was an atmosphere that it was disagreeable after all.

Is that so?

"Yes, that's right, in the sense that it want to be raised richly, how about Shibi-san?"

"If he knows that you proposed, he'll cry..."

I and Shibi usually acts tough, but it does not mean that he never mind.

It is kind of act that he is appealing to the surroundings that he was not hurt, a kind of stubbornness. 

"Besides, Shibi name was already given to the chimera of shimuparrot."

"Come to think of it, that chimera, I have not seen it recently. Amazing, Shibi amazing, I used to get happy, what happened?"

Certainly did I say such a thing?

I remember Shibi of a human being had a complex expression.

To be honest, I reflect a bit.

"No... Actually, it did not return home after leaving it outside for evening walk before."

I looked down on Chimera Shibi.

He had a peculiar point of thought, so I thought that it would definitely come back if it had feed.

"Well, is that so......"

"Keep it a secret from tou-sama." (tou-sama, otou-sama= father)

It seems that it is an act forbidden by some places to release chimeras to the world.

Basically made it, lastly to take care of it until it's end.

Here in settlement of the Maren tribe there is no such saying, but my father will not have a very good face.

I hope my Shibi(Chimera) is not bothering people...

"Then, we need to name it another name."

"That's right, also such a huge and thin Otem do not feel like Shibi."

I put my hands on my chin and think.

Something, Is there something suitable name for this Otem?

While seeing this otem, somehow do feel nostalgic... ....

"Yama, san...?"


Giselle recite my mummer.

Yes, this is Yama-san. It was Yama-san, my senior in my previous life.

High nose, skinny thin body, red skin immediately.

It was not cool, but still he was someone who wanted to watch over.

"... Gusu."

"Nii-sama! What happened Nii-sama!!"

"Oh, ah, the light went to my eye."

Tears came out by too much nostalgia.

It was the moment when the Yama-san call of this Otem was confirmed by me.

"Anyway, I decided to name this Otem as Yama-san."

After wiping my tears, I put my hand on the Yama-san head.

"Even though it is an Otem, why gave it -san? (-san polite speech.)

"That's right, even though it is an Otem, call it with -san."

Giselle did not appear to be convinced and I could not explain the origin of the name well, but I definitely did not mean to change it.

I caress the Yama-san's head.

"Yoshi, yoshi, leave it to you Yama-san, please make delicious leaves and go over the chief's enemy."

"Why the polite speech!?"

Not good not good, by the habit of the division it became a polite speech.

Actually calling it, I cannot think of it other than Yama-san.

As I stroked Yama-san's head, the face of Giselle gradually turned red.

"A, Ano, Nii-sama? After all, that... can you change it to my name..."

"Oi, are you Abel?"

A voice is heard from the back like blocking the words of Giselle.

When I turned back, there were three men lined up.

I remember them, but I do not remember their names at all.

There was one with an okappa head with a sarcasmatic face, there were two people like Noppo and Chibi around him.

Their age might be 2 or 3-yrs above me. 

At least, their adult's ceremony should already be over.

However, although the head of the okappa is kinda intimidating, the other two people who were surprisingly seemed kinda nervous.

What on earth is it for?

"Yes, but you?"

Somehow, they are annoying.

I did not seem to have brought good news.

Let's talk with polite speech.

"What? Do you not me? Oh dear, as rumored, it seems that you are totally ignorant! Listen carefully Abel, I'm Noswell Calco. Even you should have at-least heard about my name, right?"

Noswell Calco.

In other words, he is the descendant of that family who makes the smoky leaves.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again
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