Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lvl Maker 01

Chapter 01: Accident Caused by Carelessness

By my delusion exploded, born works.

Four days from the school trip ended.

Today realeased RPG game "Dragonar Story 4" will be delivered to my home. I headed to the school looking forward to it.
Dragonar story the game, is as the royal road of the RPG. It is loved for eight years in all the world.
I'm the type who raise his level earnestly to face the final boss. I do not know about others, but I enjoy leveling the most.

Along the way, I got a text message to my Smartphone.

Apparently, from my childhood friend Mika.

<<Hey! Why did you leave without me!!>>


Looking forward to Dragonar story had forgot about Mika. Mika will probably in bad mood whole day....

By the way, childhood friend = couple few think, unfortunately wrong.

Iya, if it becomes true I would be more than happy. But in reality not the case. Less than Lovers and more than friends.
According to Mika, she goes with me to school together because there is no other partner to go along... she used to say....

...... I'm happy?

For this reason really I had forgotten today. Usually I don't do such a thing. Moreover, if I don't reply, I have to buy her juice to dwel her anger.

Before I did not reply because of busy treat her a drink.

Moreover, 200 yen of energy-based drink.

Therefore, to Mika

<< Oh, I'm sorry. My bad m(_ _)m  >> (Dogeza= m(_ _)m)

So, I typed in the smartphone.
Just, typing situation was wrong. Commonly referred to as[Texting while walking].
………. I didn’t notice……….
To be something from the top of the building is falling. And at the same time as pressing the send button, something is broken, ran a big sound and like you have never tasted until now to head pain ___________

............ I eyes went blank.


"? Tsu ... N N ...?"

Here is... where would it be? Once you wake up I was lying in a strange place.

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