Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lvl Maker 02

Chapter 02: Where is Here?


No, seriously where is here?
Iya, it where it seriously here.
I slowly, try to stand up.
Wait a little?  I feel that my line of sight is little lower than usual. Did I become weird when I hit my head?
If Mika was here she would likely to say I am originally weird.

Before that I need to grasp the situation first. Here in the forest as long as the view .... But sunlight is pointing properly. Also, I see a bird a little ahead on the tree.
What kind of bird that...? It has pink color just like a Flamingo.

Iya, that bird isn’t the only thing I have never seen. The flower blooming under my feet. This also has a shape I have never seen before. Furthermore, the shape of leaves on the several trees are heart-shaped.


I was wondering until a while ago that someone kidnapped me and left me here, but I am not convinced by it. There is no reason to kidnap me and also this around never seen animals and plants... My sixth sense telling me
......... Here is another world. At least not Japan.

I suddenly saw my left arm.
And startle. Because three years ago injured 7 stitches wound I do not see any place where sewed.

No, not just it.
It skin is also become white ... And the hair fell Hira from the head. Its color was, The color was surprising.

--bright red--

No, I hit my head strongly by blood it might look red. But, now my head is not wet. Also not become Gabigabi. And, beautiful bright red hair that was far from the dark of blood and black hair. Also my figure seems is of different person.

_______ It determined. Here's not something where I was from. If I might be laughed at When you have someone, I do not think really here is that it is the earth.
Certainly there is a chance that I’m true to myself, but I decided to think this is real so I muttered.

"What a different world ... ..."

At that time, (Harari to), again something from above fell.


Involuntarily so I muttered. I tried to read by picking up the fallen paper. It was written this way in there.

"To you. You'll be surprised at the sudden thing.
unfortunately you are in the earth, flowerpot, which has been falling has died Upon your head. However, at that time, when a bird droppings fell on my head, you treated me with gentleness…… I was moved. I have Impressed.
So with in my power range I saved your soul.

This world of the name is "Anazumu".

Actually I wanted to avoid your death on the earth but I don't have that much power... Really sorry.
In this way I can send a soul to another world. Enjoy life at the world, I want you to be happy which makes me happy.
From here it is a description of this world, I could not give you special power or force. However, I gave you language of this world so you can read and write.
In addition, if the remembrance in the head, such as Close your eyes [want to see the status], you have a variety of explanations. Well, it is something all the residents of this world can do.
The last is to advice.
The original of the age you are 16 years old, but now in this world you should you have become as much as 12 years old. By the way, and die in this world, now it is also death soul.
Please, be careful. From Maboroshi ten Jizo. "

"Tsu .........."

Are you serious. I, I actually dead ....

There are many things that worry about, First Who was Maboroshi ten Jizo? Well and .... Oh, close to the Jizo of my house ....
You were watching properly... Even though I was wrong for texting while walking you helped me.
If I knew it would be like this, I would confessed my love for Mika during the field trip. Mom and Father are probably mourning... Because I have a little brother, I hope not worried about them.
Yeah, Mika and my family are left in my heart. There’s no helping it.

This is what happened in my carelessness. I have to thank the Jizo-Sama .... it is late to regret.
This world ... seems named Anazumu. I live here. Struggling to see.
......... It is because it is destiny that has been given to me.

Hey, it’s impossible after all. To forget the past so easily.
Be determined so, I was crying.

Do not know what was near(forest). So, kill the voice cried in an undertone.

I want to see Mika. I should have confessed, I liked always. Mom, dad, me prior to filial piety, Yo ...... that died. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Mortifying. Is this happening to me why. Why? why? I want to return if possible. What I'm I Anazumu. Another ...... another ...'m what a do Oo Oooo! ! ! Damn ........................... damn ...................


And Nakiakashi(Crying)crying crying, what minute-old wonder. Kana three hours position in the experience? But, it may actually shorter.
I decided the resolution, to move forward, the world, decided to this reality, accept.

"I ___________ in this world, in Anazumu, I will survive!"

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