Thursday, 4 February 2016

Fantasy Magic World 04

4) Fantasy Magic World CH 04: Homework!?

"Yes, you have homework." Said, handing me two books not thin.

I took a look, one that says "Magic Basics" Another is the "Wind department primary magic spells and explain." Give me do this, I can not help wondering at her.

These two books I already learned at first year. I remember the content word to word. Also I can modify the content with other Basic Books(Intermediate, Advanced Books).

"Tomorrow you want, memorize the basics of magic, pulled up on your knowledge of the original as soon as possible, I do not want my students than others poor. The other was spells, learn atleast two spells. Well, You go home! "

"The teacher, the basics of magic book will be for test?" I also hold millionth hope.

"Not only Basics of magic book, but also the 2 spells of Wind magic you should learn by tomorrow."

The book is good but the practice of spells is the most I sucked at(T-T). 

"Of course, tomorrow I'm going to check if you want to play with Aqua Tiger."

Put down these words the Shaw teacher turned back to the teacher office, leaving me a daze.

What is the teacher, ah, really is the devil, to learn 1 spell to make my day complete.

Today's weather is very good, clear, no wind, and I'm feeling in stark contrast.

Mom and Dad are not at home, they all went to work.

I come up with "Basics spells" flipped, though I'm lazy, you can think of in the morning the devil is punishing ...... now my calf muscle still turn back now, what else .......

Gradually the sun went down, in my tireless efforts, and finally back down 1 spell but it is no better than my Gentle Breeze technique(T-T).

"Ah, who came back so early ah?" as usual my mother back first.


I faintly heard the voice of my mother quickly came over.

"Baby son, how to come back so early today, ah, how do you look restless? Is not committed any wrong to let the teacher say?"

"Not really, mom." I think it is almost impossible job, I threw her arms and began to cry, after all, I was only 7 years old. Mom hugged me and asked: "Did someone bully you?"

"For ah right ah, my mother my new teacher really hate me, the job she left me, I simply can not be done well, but she still corporal punishment to me."

"Ah! What a job ah? Teacher how corporal punishment to you."

I said about, the great magician teacher which school provide me.
how I was hesitant to go to school today, then the 5lap run marathon, then about my Gentle Breeze technique.
Then teacher gave me 2 spells learning.

"Balu, this is your at fault, and you learn to know the past, did not think you can actually learn the difference to the point where, actually two years did not even learn the basic spells, the teachers do it right, you This little slacker, is that there is such a powerful teacher discipline to discipline you, let old Mom and Dad got you so spoiled. "

"Your mom's right, to the father to see what jobs you stay, what can not be done."

Dad also came back.

Read my homework, Dad smiled.

"My little boy, you usually are very smart, how stupid this time, although this book is very thick, but you do not have to memorize ah, to let your mother go for dinner, Dad coaching you. "Then, the father began to teach me how to put the non-completion of the job is complete.

"Balu You see, this part is to say the application of the principles of magic, in our world there are many elements, there are 9 basic elements, you know, how to use the magic of it, we would To communicate with him properly, so you want to use the elements recognized you, gathered to your side, and then by the spell of the magic elements you gather into your purpose to be achieved, this is magic, you see. "

. "In the name of Leon, the elements of Wind, hear my call, came to my side, to protect me, -The Wind Shield."

A Wind Shield formed in front of my dad. This magic is so cool.

Dad while explaining the inspiration side with practical examples. He put the whole book is divided into several parts, each part has its main stated, then the principle is not part of the actual tell me, through my father's advice, I immediately found a clever trick, and gradually cause my interest in magic.

"Well, it was late, and the rest of it, starting early tomorrow morning we finish it good."

"Well, Dad, I did not expect magic is so cool ah." Receiving a lot of magic knowledge, I can not help but indulge in the magic of the ocean.

"Balu ah, before Mom and Dad are bad, too little concern for your learning, after father must often counseling you, our future Balu will become a good magician."

Dad touched my head, gently strocking.

"Dad, I will learn magic."

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