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Fantasy Magic World 02

2) Fantasy Magic World CH 02: Special counseling!?

SunRay City, SunRay Magic Academy is the biggest Magic Academy, the College occupies over 25,000 square meters, there are a lot of school buildings and grounds Trial faculties, and I, Lisa and Oat are in Class 2.

"Fortunately not be late, or have to let the old witch we three left standing." Oat muttered to us.

"Shut up, old witch to come."

Old witch is our class teacher for two years because of her I have to study all the primary Basic Elements (T-T).
She does not know If I learn once never forget. To keep my low profile I intentionally make some mistakes.
She has very short temper may be because of born Fire Element.

"Hello students!"

"Hello teacher!"

Old witch came in, the class suddenly fell silent, because no one wanted to volcanic eruptions.

"The students want to choose their own school of magic does not?"

"If you want good!"

"Well, you come to me one by one to register."

When I registered, the old witch look at me said: "You Born with Wind Magic and want to Learn Water Magic!"

She looked surprised of my choice.

"Yes, teacher!"

"You know, If any were born with Wind Magic, they choose Fire Magic or Earth Magic as secondary."

"Ah! Why, ah, I do not know ah?"

"Because, Wind supports Fire Magic for Power-up fast. For your personality Earth Magic can be used for escaping below earth and Wind Magic for Flight. Well it's your choice."

Well I thought about Earth Magic but Water Magic has many uses than Earth Magic. I was born with all the elements so no need to specifically learn any Magic. For low profile, I choose Water Magic.

For me a child for seven of these certainly do not know, the teacher explained later to finish my 'safety first' I was very sure that choose to learn the optical system.

"Well, all the students have been selected to repair his own magic, early dismissal today, tomorrow, according to the categories you selected magic placement, class."

"Thank-you Teacher." All.

Full of a sense of accomplishment came home, my mother has dinner ready.

"I am back."

"How was class today. Did you behaved well."

"I behaved well, mother today I chose. What I want to repair the Magic."

"Ah !!, what, father of the baby you quickly come to our son chose the want to learn magic."

"Really? Did you choose the Fire Magic."

Hearing the news, the father quickly ran over.

"Definitely not, we must choose son is Earth magic, right, son?"

Mom with hopeful eyes looking at me.

My mom is a magician of Earth Magic, Dad is a magician of Fire system, what they majored magic for me when I was born began arguing.

Watching their eyes full of hope, wow, how do, forget them too, I head a little turn, right, so answer them now.

"No, no, no, I chose major magic is neither Earth nor the Fire."

"What?" Together they looked at me with surprised eyes.

"That is what you choose? Is it the Water department."

My choice of Water department is such a surprise to them. They lost their voice. They went silence for some time.

"Well, later you can learn our Systems." said dad.

"Yes don't worry about it." Mom also nodded to that.

"Mom, Dad, I chose Water system for our family sake."

Listening to me "Ho ho, can you explain." said Father.

"Because, there are many Magical Beasts lately increased. So, if any of us get hurt, we can heal it with Water Magic."

I said as tears while I watched Mom and Dad.

They looked at each other, my mother came to hold me gently.

"Well, Balu good clever Oh, Well for the sake of Mom and Dad."

Dad came over, we were surrounded in his arms. This harmonious atmosphere I really like, ah.

"But, baby you should think of yourself first for your future. Earth Magic can defend you with any other Magic." said Mother

"Yes, but you are a boy, so you should learn Fire magic with Wind magic a real combination power attack." said Father.

"I can always learn those two systems even when I grow up." I said lightly.

"Balu, the future must learn ah, at least you have to become senior magician Oh!"

"Yes, Dad, I will not let you down."

"Well, it's your choice we will not say anymore." They both agreed.

"Let's celebrate your choosing of Magic." "I will cook chicken your fav food."

"Thank you, Father, Mother."

Mom seemed suddenly remembered something. "Balu, Water spells at the primary, intermediate stage seems to have no attack magic ah."

Water magic don't have any attack based spells for Primary and intermediate Magician.
Wind has only one Wind cut Spell for intermediate Magician.
That means I don't have any attack based spells as Primary Magician.

"Don't worry mom, I will become a senior magician."

Senior Magicians can learn other two Elements. For me Fire and Earth are other two Elements.

For me I can learn any magic. So, even if I am an Intermediate Magician no problem.
But, for a Lazy guy like me Senior Magician will be a long future thing.

Night without words.

The next day, a long time after the sun rise and mother jointly called up, eat breakfast, Oat and Liza came to me.

"Balu, go to school, and today the placement of."

"Yeah yeah, let's go!"

Like yesterday, we are also stepping point into the classroom. Barely made it.

Old witch come in.

"Well, the students quiet, let's begin placement,

Earth Fire to class 6
Wind Fire to class 5
Earth Wind to class 7
Water Earth to class 8
Wind Water to Class 4
Water Fire to Class 3
Balu you follow me."

In my class there is no born special Magic users except me. (Special magic Light, Darkness, Thunder, nether etc.)

In addition to all of my classmates have their own class, one by one to their own reports to the department. Only I am left alone.

"Balu, you come with me, I'll take you to see your teacher, since you are the slacker. The school specifically for you to arrange a teacher for your specialized counseling."

[What? Why me? I kept my low profile till now. No my easy going life.
Did choosing Wind Water system wrong choice? No aside me there are 2 others who chose Wind Water system. 
Then why me?] {my thoughts are thinking at the speed of light.}

what! Oh, no, specialized counseling, it must be a good teacher with temper ah, do not be like the old witch, or I'll be dead, while thinking, I along with the teacher out of the classroom.

College teacher came to office, Hey, this is not the principal's office it?

"Go on, Balu, I said to go." I looked hesitant, old witch pulled me.

"Oh, Shaw teacher in." said Old witch. Knock the door.

I entered the principal's office to see the kind of president like a Woman standing, she smiled at me.

"Hello Shaw teacher, this is the student, who choose to learn Wind Water system. Balu let me introduce to your teacher, who is the great magician Shaw teacher. She was born with Wind then learned Water, Fire, Earth and Thunder."

Wind Water system not only me there are 2 others. I want to say but I cannot.

I followed the president's hand a look, ah, which I'll teacher? Around a 20-year-old woman, covered in spotless, full of energy, wearing a purple robe magician, 6 stars, with a face plate of the magician badge on her chest, as if the ferocious lioness.

"Shaw teacher Hello, my name is Balu. From now on take care of me."

"I'm Shaw teacher, you're welcome."

"You are the Balu. Later follow me to learn magic, I'm very tough, I hope you study hard, I'll try to put my learned to teach you. Tomorrow morning meet me at Class 9."

What can I say, I have eyes dull, why I forgot about that, it seems that they wanted me to work hard. Miserable! God of creation, ah, you told me is really not fair ah.

"Thank you teacher, I will try."

"You may leave early today."

It seems, my day of hard work begins. I left the school with my head down.

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